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What I’m cooking and toking with…

To make is easier when I am sharing recipes I thought I’d share and describe the different forms of herb I use –

1) Fresh dried herb I'll refer to it as 'FRESH DRIED HERB'

2) Fresh dried herb that has been decarboxylated and ready for use in cooking/baking. I’ll refer to it as ‘DECARBED HERB

3) What I call the scratchings, this is herb that has been used in one of my vapourizers so has been decarboxylated and is often not as potent as the decarbed herb mentioned above. I’ll refer to it as ‘SCRATCHINGS’.

4) Whether I am cooking with butter, coconut oil or other oils that I have processed using decarbed herb, I’ll refer to these as ‘HERB BUTTER’ and will differentiate as to what type they are in my recipe.

5) I like to use the herb leftovers after I have made my butter, I'll refer to these as 'LEFTOVERS'.

6) There are some recipes that actually call for fresh undried herb. This will be referred to as ‘FRESH HERB’.

I hope this will alleviate any confusion.


Cannabis Oil for Oil Pulling


1 x 500ml bottle of St Francis Herb Farm liquid Coconut Oil

15 drops of Pure Potent WOW Peppermint essential oil

1/2 cup of 'Scratchings'



Place the oil and scratchings in a mason jar and place in a boiling water bath for 3 hours. Be sure to top up the water surrounding the jar of oil as it starts to get low. I add boiling water from my kettle so the boil doesn't stop.

Once the oil is done, let it cool for 15 minutes and then strain off the scratchings using cheese cloth.

Add the 15 drops of essential oil, stir and rebottle the coconut oil. 

Now you are good to go with you CBD enhanced, peppermint flavoured oil for oil pulling!


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