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Many sources quote that wheat flour loses 40% of its vitamin content in the first 24 hours after milling and 85-90% after 2-3 more days. Here’s a little more in-depth science on what happens*:

  • Unsaturated fats in the wheat germ oxidize/go rancid.

  • B Vitamins are destroyed by light and air.

  • Beneficial enzymes start working and play themselves out.

  • Vitamin A is diminished.

  • Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that helps to protect flour from oxidation, deteriorates once milled, especially if the conditions become moist.

So here is how you should store the freshly ground flour -

  • At room temperature: As little as 2 days, but some sources say up to 5 days would be okay. If your flour is already “soaking” in a recipe, don’t worry about rancidity. Other processes have already begun!

  • In the refrigerator: 10 days

  • In the freezer: up to 30 days

*they that the vitamins in “enriched” white flour are possibly about equal to that of freshly ground grain. But with fresh ground you are getting the vitamins naturally.

from Kitchen Stewardship

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