True Blue Spirit #11


True Blue Spirit #11 Articles


Teztan Biny-Fish Lake - Water or Gold?

A Personal Encounter with Bioelectricity

Year of the Tiger Part 2 - Not a Pussy Cat Year

The Importance of Aromatherapy

Ceremony for Healing with Love

Aboriginal Spirit - Vortexes

Animal Whispers - Are you Coming Home?

Astrology - Mercury Retrograd

Crystals - Black Tourmaline

Enlightening Strikes - Circle of Life

Healthy Body Healthy Spirit - Going Raw #4

Herbs A little bit o'Magic - Solar infusion

Hypnotherapy - Mirror Image

Nature's Essence - Yin Channel-Metal Element

Numerology - Number Seven

Phenomena - Disclosure & Extraterrestrial Contact

Searching for Serenity - Serenity and the Miracle of Music

Tarot - The Hierophant-Our Linking Voice

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True Blue Spirit #12

True Blue Spirit #12 Articles



Reiki: What is it? Why try it? Why learn it?

Devas and Fairies

Homegrown and Homemade - Real Food

The Importance of Aromatherapy Part 2

The Year of the Tiger Part 3 - Pursuit of Fearlessness

Aboriginal Spirit - Being Young and Healthy

Animal Whispers - Mixed Messages, What are you really saying?

Astrology - Saturn Transiting the Seventh House of Partnerships

Healthy Body Healthy Spirit - Going Raw #5

Herbs A little bit o'Magic - Herbal Back to School Kit

Hypnotherapy - A Hug for your Soul

Metaphysics - The Power of Music

Nature's Essence - Yang Partner-Metal Element

Numerology - Number Eight

Tarot - The Tower-Divine Enlightenment

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True Blue Spirit #13

True Blue Spirit #13 Articles


Enlightening Strikes - Alive and Giddy

Nature's Essence - Earth Element Yang Channel Stomach

Aboriginal Spirit - The Art of Letting Go

Searching for Serenity - The Serenity of Forgiveness

The Golden Tiger and YOU...

Hypnotherapy - Creating Change

Phenomena - The Perennial Philosophy

Crystals - Optical Calcite

A Taste of the Infinite

Real Food - Homegrown Babysitter

Creating my Symphony

Wait: the Land of Good Possibilities

Healthy Body-Healthy Spirit - Calcium: Bone's Friend or Cardiovascular Foe?

Healthy Body-Healthy Spirit - Going Raw Step 6

The Business Plan

Tarot - The Moon: Reflections of Consciousness

Numerology - Number Nine

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True Blue Spirit #14

True Blue Spirit #14 Articles



Aboriginal Spirit - Pre-Dawn Stillness

Animal Whispers - A Job for your Pet

Enlightening Strikes - More Real than Real?

Hypnotherapy - Changing Behaviours

Crystals - Moldavia

Heritage Seeds

Heritage Seeds & Community Change

Searching for Serenity - Our Serene Bond with Water

Healthy Body-Healthy Spirit - The Magic in Broccoli

Graphoanalysis - Dear Dena

Sharing Naturally

Healthy Body-Healthy Spirit - Vitamin K2 - Essential for Heat Health

Phenomena - Time Cycles and UFOs

Nature's Essence - Earth Element - Yin Channel - Spleen

Tarot - Death: Inevitable Transformation

Spirit - The New Year, The new Paradigm

Metaphysics - Single Spiritual Soul Seekings

Chinese Lunar Astrology

Neurology - Zero

Astrology - Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Aries

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True Blue Spirit #15

True Blue Spirit #15 Articles


The Life Force of Trees

Crystals - Citrine

Phenomena - UFOs, Psychology and the Circle of Lvoe

An Affirmation - Well-Being

Aboriginal Spirit - In the Smoke from my Fire

Sea the Witch

Nature's Essence - Heart Fire

Hypnotherapy - The Eye of the Storm

Graphoanalysis - Dear Dena

Herbs-a little bit o'Magic - Looking Ahead - Springtime Ritual

Ron Smid - Connecting with Nature

Healthy Body-Healthy Spirit - Sustainability of Krill Oil Nutritional Supplements 

The Language of Connection

Enlightening Strikes - Spiritual Notions

Tarot - The Chariot: Navigating Consciousness

Chines Lunar Astrology - Year of the Rabbit

Sharing - Naturally

Astrology - The Synergy of Astrology

Numerology - Eleven

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True Blue Spirit #16

True Blue Spirit #16 Articles


Tuning in to the Garden

Aboriginal Spirit - In the Smoke of my Fire the Ancestors Speak

Animal Whispers - The Love Connection

Ego vs. Self

Crystals - Tiger's Eye

Hypnotherapy - The Day I Quit Smoking

Graphoanalysis - Dear Dena

Nature's Essence - Separating the Pure from the Impure - Small Intestine Fire Yang

Searching for Serenity - A Most Serene Practice

Tarot - The High Priestess: Threshold of Consciousness

Colour Bioenergetics

Healthy Body-Healthy Spirit - Toxins or Candida?

Phenomena - Cosmophilia: Our Connection to the Cosmos

Ron Smid - Photo Contest & Connections

Chinese Lunar Astrology

Spiritual Parenting

Numerology - Twenty Two

Astrology - The Jupiter Return

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True Blue Spirit #17

True Blue Spirit #17 Articles


Global Connections

Crystals - Emerald

Animal Whispers - A Reading for Mikey

Aboriginal Spirit - In the Smoke from my Fire Nature's Gift

Enlightening Strikes - Inspiring Integrity

Hypnotherapy - Connecting with the Light

Nature's Essence - Water

Colour - More About Colour

The Spirit of Trees

A Conversation with Chotu Baba

Aromatherapy: One Woman's Journey for Healing

Heathy Body-Health Spirit - Ubiquinol as a Cholesterol Treatment

Herbs - a little bit o'Magic - The Magic in Flowers

Mediumship - Testing One, Two, Three...

Graphoanalysis - Dear Dena

Chinese Lunar Astrology

Ron Smid - Photo Contest

Tarot - The Magician: Directing Consciousness

Astrology - Relationship Astrology-Synastry Charts

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True Blue Spirit #18

True Blue Spirit #18 Articles


Colour - Yellow

Aboriginal Spirit - In the Smoke from my Fire Drumming

Gardening Magic

Animal Whispers - Hope for Awatchi

crystals - Lapis Lazuli

Listening to our Soul Whispers

Phenomena - Be Cosmic, Act Global

Metaphysics - Single Spiritual Soul Seeking

Nature's Essence - Water Element-Yin Meridian-Kidney

Searching for Serenity - The Sound of Serenity

STAR DREAMS - Exploring the Mystery of Crop Circles

Aromatherapy - Chamomile

Graphoanalyst - Dear Dena

Heathy Body-Healthy Spirit - Calcium and Heart Attacks

Hypnotherapy - Personal Space

Chinese Lunar Astrology - Karmic Lessons

Ron Smid - Photo Contest

Tarot - The Empress: Mother of Creation

Astrology - Solar Returns

Worthwhile Watching

True Blue Spirit #19

True Blue Spirit #19 Articles


My Dream: Permaculture

Crystals - Serpentine

A Tiny Messenger

Shifting Perceptions

Aboriginal Spirit - In the Smoke from my Fire - Salmon

Graphoanalysis - Dear Dena

Colour - The Green Heart Chakra

Hypnotherapy - It's About the Journey

Star Dreams - Exploring the Mystery of Crop Circle Part 2

Aromatherapy - Keeping Aromatherapy Alive

Medicine Wheel

Nature's Essence - Ox-Eye Daisy

Healthy Body-Healthy Spirit - Calcium and D linked to Kidney Stones?

Cook's Tarot - The Star

Animal Whispers - Where's my Mom?

Searching for the Natural Cure - Peanut

Tarot - The Star: Enlightening Consciousness

Healthy Snacks - Going with my Gut

Astrology - Pluto in Capricorn

Chinese lunar Astrology - The Social Scene

Ron Smid - Photo Contest

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True Blue Spirit #20

True Blue Spirit #20 Articles


Take Your Problem on the Road

Colour - Gifting Colour's Energy

Aboriginal Spirit - In the Smoke from my Fire - Water

Enlightening Strikes - Wheatfields to Stargate

Crystals - Pyrite

Searching for Serenity - It is Solved by Walking

Ego Death: Good Medicine for Western Minds

Graphoanalysis - Dear Dena

Enter into Horse Consciousness

Finding Confirmation

Rekindling the Tree of Life

Aromatherapy - Lavender

Going with my Gut - Great Alternatives for Sugaraholic

Healthy Body-Healthy Spirit Halting Hormone Havoc

Nature's Essence - Triple Burner Channel

Healthy Body-Healthy Spirit - Red Yeast Rice

Tarot - Temperance: The Art of Life

Cook's Tarot - Temperance

Animal Whispers - Cougar the Cat

Phenomena - The Cosmic Perspective and a United Earth

Chinese Lunar Astrology - Sharing our Gifts

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